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Sports or Action Mode | Transcription Sports mode most likely when you flip to it, it’s going to do basically a few different things. Number one, you’re telling the camera that you’re going to be shooting fast action subjects. The…

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  1. Tommy Ray

    Hi, nice video, but I’m uncertain as to why you went with these options for a moving subject. I don’t shoot sports but I would think that a continual focus option could be better if someone is coming towards you, like during a processional or with runners, and that you might be better off with a multi-point focus point option and f2.8 or even F4, and multiple exposures, to make sure you nail the shot. I guess it depends on which method you’re used to and whether you’re using your speedlite or not. I’ve always done it your way, but am now thinking I ought to explore the other options as well.  

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    • Tommy Ray

      Oops you addressed this question in the next video already. Ok, well maybe it’s still a good topic for discussion, when things like Back Button Focus come into play as well.

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