Simple Side Lying Pose | Transcription

Before we move on to some tummy poses, let’s do one other basic pose, which is sort of kind of on the way to the tummy post. I am talking about the side lying pose. Now posing a newborn into the side lying pose is actually quite similar to getting them into a tummy pose. I find for me, the easiest way to get there is to first have them on their tummy and then you just roll them gently on to their side. Notice in the video that once I have Ellie on her tummy, I am reaching under to the bean bag and just shaping it to push Ellie on to her side, as my assistant Olivia is spotting her. We make sure that Ellie is resting on her sidearm, kind of like someone might if you are sleeping in a class, and just loosely placing her left arm against her side. Once again we keep her legs crossed over the front because we want to conceal any private parts.

We get Ellie completely into position, and once again we just remove the puppy pad from underneath her as we are about ready to shoot. I have Olivia bring the silver side of the reflector back in and from the top. Basically I am just having her catch and fill light onto those shadows in Ellie’s face. Once I am ready, I get up on to one knee and we shoot the image directly facing Ellie’s face. Shooting from this angle, gives us a very intimate kind of perspective as Ellie is sleeping. We are back on our 50 mm 1.2 lens. The final shot was taken at 1/100th of a second shutter seed; F2 for an aperture and an ISO of 200, what you see where. You can either do this side lying shot just before you do your tummy poses or just after. Either way it is simple to get to and from this pose from the tummy pose.