Simple Compositing To Fill Out Rooms

You can use this trick to fill out an area when there is just too much open space. It also works for putting together images that you’ve “light painted” (taking multiple exposures while lighting different areas of the room in each exposure; the camera should be on a tripod for such shots):

  1. Select the images you wish to use for the final composite
  2. Process one of the images to get the proper exposure and color
  3. Synchronize settings across all of the images to be used in the composite
    1. Ctrl+Shift+S for Windows or Cmd+Shift+S for Mac
  4. Select all of the images you wish to use
    1. Hold Command+Enter for Macs or Control+Enter for Windows
  5. Right click over one of the images
    1. Select “Edit In”
    2. Select “Open as Layers in Photoshop”
  6. Select all of the layers in Photoshop
  7. From the navbar at the top
    1. Select “Edit”
    2. Select “Auto-Align Layers”
    3. Select “Auto”
  8. Place the “Hero shot” layer at the top (the image with the main
  9. centerpiece, for example)
  10. Add a Layer mask to the top layer
  11. Select the brush tool, and with the white color selected, paint to remove areas of the image you don’t need (or use the black color to brush the image back in – see the video for further clarification)
  12. Repeat with the next layer until you have arrived at the final image
    Merge layers and export the image