Side Lying Sleeping Pose Setup | Transcription

Now one shot that we haven’t really done yet or at least one shot variation, is the sideline sleeping pose with both of our newborn’s hands comfortably placed under the face, so that we have that nice, sleeping in a classroom type look. What the heck, let’s do that pose now.

This go-round we’re using a complementary color scheme with kind of yellow as our base color and, once again, complementary colors are those colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. Just for illustrator purposes, we’ve again pulled the Adobe Cooler Image showing that color scheme. In this case, I’m not absolutely certain that the color scheme that I’ve selected is going to work out. I don’t have Cooler up right now when I’m doing the shoot, I just kind of have these things in my mind so I’m just experimenting while knowing that if the complementary color scheme doesn’t look good, I can either change the scheme or just fade it to black and white and post, or do whatever I like.

Look, I want you guys to experiment and be sure to try out different things during your shoot. If it’s handy for you, have a laptop nearby. You can always hop onto Cooler and kind of plan out different color schemes and everything during the shoot if you have the time.

After you’ve captured the basics on your shoot, just remember to take these chances and experiment. More often than not, I find that my experiments end up being some of my favorite shots in my portfolio.

Placing Ellie in this pose is extremely simple. I’m going to place her on the cushion with her head slightly higher as it’s kind of on the raised edge of that diaper changing cushion. To hold her in place, I’m bunching up the pink cloth right behind her back so that way it kind of props her up a bit. Once I have her in place, I bring in Olivia to, again, add a little bit of fill-light into the scene. This go-round, I’m going to have Olivia catch some extra light and actually fill it directly into Ellie’s face, the same direction as the main light. Basically, what we’re doing is just strengthening the main light once again.

Since I have Olivia helping out with the lighting and the reflector, I bring in grandma at this point, mom is busy resting so we’re going to let her rest, but I bring in grandma to be our spotter because, again, we are working on an elevated surface.