Shooting the Wrap Scene | Transcription

We are ready to start shooting and I’m going to have Olivia step in with a nice reflector bump. Once again, using the silver side to fill the shadow side of her face and body, just as we’ve done so many times before. You guys should all be masters of this by now. Now notice once again, we have Ellie facing our main window light. I’m still on my 50mm lens and this go around, I’m dropping my shutter speed to 1/100th of a second so that I can bring my ISO down to 100. Now it’s not a huge change, but I’m confident that I can keep my hand steady at 1/100th of a second, so I might as well get the extra detail and dynamic range performance by shooting at a lower ISO.

Just going to give us a little bit cleaner of an image. For these shots, I’m simply kneeling just above Ellie and shooting straight down on her, paying close attention to focus on her left eye, rather than on basically the bow. This is the final shot that we get. Now after I get the shot, I switch up the bow just to get a slightly different look. Again, variation is the key here. I love the Parisian bow, but it’s also huge and I want to get just another kind of shot with a smaller flower bow that doesn’t necessarily cover as much of her head and face.

With Olivia back in place and with our same camera settings, I shoot a bit wider this time on this shot, just to show a little bit more of the wrap, as you can see in the following image. Again, I love that cute wrapped newborn look. It just has such a soft and gentle feel, especially with Ellie’s little hands kind of poking up and out of the cloth, I love it. It’s great.