Shooting the Parisian Scene | Transcription

We are ready now to start shooting our lovely, little Parisian newborn portraits. Now, I have my 50mm lens on. We’re going to be using the same settings. We’re shooting with a shutter speed of 1/200 of a second, an aperture of f/2.0, and this is going to keep our image soft. It’s going to keep our background nice, and buttery, and out of focus, and I’m going to drum a ISO to 100. Here is how shots like this work. At all times I have Olivia spotting Ellie. I have her hands on Ellie, and when I’m ready to take the shot, I simply tell Olivia to remove her hands. She removes them for the duration of the shot, and then she places them back on to Ellie as soon as I finish. Again, don’t attempt these types of shots without the support of a constant spotter, and without the proper safety. Risking injury is never worth any type of shot. Don’t care how great the shot might be, it’s never worth it.

I’m going to shoot 2 images directly from Ellie’s height, and for the first shot I want to shoot a portrait orientation image. This time we’re going to be using quite a bit of negative space in the background that extends above Ellie, and that’s the image that you see here. Afterwards I’m going to flip and do a landscape orientation image, filling the entire image with our newborn, and with our scene, and that’s the image that you see here. Once again, I love both of these images, but we’re just going to have different uses for them. I prefer the landscape oriented shot a bit better if we’re going to just print it out as a large print, but if we want to use it as a card or something, I’m going to use the portrait orientation image. Again, the goal is variety and having options when it comes to post-production and print products. If I need negative space for any reason, then that portrait orientation shot is going to be my default.

With variation being the name of the game, and with the exact same camera settings, I’m going to get a little bit closer to Ellie. This time I’m going to shoot from an angle which is just above her head, which is going to give us a slightly more close-up look on her face, and that’s what you see here in this image. Lastly, I’m going to take a top down angle at Ellie with a slight angle, kind of revealing a little bit of the profile on her face. This gives us a nice look at her overall outfit, of the pearls, and this is what we get from that image and angle. All right. Great job. We are done with our first concept scene. I’m really happy with the overall photos.