Shooting the Bowl Scene | Transcription

Now, knitted bowls like this one are, again, another great prop and accessory for newborn photography. If you are a talented knitter you can, of course, make these on your own but I am not so, once again, we got this from Beautiful Photo Props. Again, it’s another inexpensive accessory that is quite useful if you’re going to frequently shoot newborn photos. Knitted bowls are awesome because they’re so simple to use. All we’ve got to do is place the baby inside of the bowl, curling the bowl basically up and around the newborn’s head and feet. Again, this is another photo prop that oftentimes allows us to shoot with the diaper still on because it becomes unnoticeable when it’s under the weave.

I love these types of accessories, anything that makes my life better as a photographer I find absolutely awesome. Once I have Ellie in the bowl I turn her to her side and soothe her a bit just to keep her calm and relaxed. There are a few different looks that I want to get of Ellie inside of the bowl and the first is kind of a top-down profile shot where basically we just see Ellie’s head poking out a bit from the side of the bowl. Again I’m facing her into that main light and I’m having Olivia to actually continue to hold and calm her a bit just while I continue prepping the shot. Ellie’s having a bit of a hard time staying in this pose.

What I want to do is place just a little bit of a towel or something small underneath the fur to help prop up and support her back a bit. Once I’m done I have Olivia step out and get the reflector to once again fill light into the shadows. With my 50mm lens and camera still set to 1/100th of a second for my shutter speed, F2 for my aperture and an ISO of 100 I capture this first wide shot. I like this shot a lot but it’s kind of my safety shot and once I have this shot in focus and I’ve verified it I get just a bit closer to really focus on Ellie’s face and her profile while letting the texture of the knitted bowl basically extend to the edge of the frame as you can see in this next image.

While we have Ellie in a bowl let’s go ahead and get another quick variation on our shot and this time we’re going to be shooting into the bowl basically so we can see Ellie’s face and arms. To do this I’m just going to roll Ellie onto her back and then, once again, I’m going to hold her limbs in position to kind of get her to relax and hold the pose. We remove the towel from underneath the fur because we don’t want it under her back and we place a pillow under the fur to prop and hold her legs up instead. While I hold Ellie’s arm in position I have Olivia add back the flower band just for a little extra feminine touch and just to vary the details a bit and after soothing Ellie into the pose I put back on my 100mm macro lens to I can get some tighter shots if I’d like.

I think the real reason for me putting back on the macro lens is because I wanted to actually stand up. My knees were killing by this point in the shoot but the 50 mm would have worked just fine as well. Since my new aperture is at F2.8 instead of F2 I’m going to be able to see a little bit more texture on the bowl instead of it just going out of focus by the edges of the frame. My shutter is still set to 1/100th of a second so to compensate for the smaller aperture I raise my ISO to 200 ISO. With Olivia using the silver reflector from our same position we get our first image as seen here.

I adjusted Ellie’s hands a bit after this first shot just for another look as well which gave us this next shot.