QUIZ: Shooting Stories That Sell: Chapter Three Quiz


While capturing images to set the scene for a portrait session, the subject(s) should be included in all of the images.


Based on the examples given in this chapter, it should take between ______ minutes to capture an adequate amount of images to set the scene.


We suggest using the ______ to help monitor and maximize the dynamic range you’re capturing in your images.


Shooting in several locations within one portrait session could make it harder for your subjects to relax because they have to constantly reset rather than potentially settle in if given more time at a particular scene.


When shooting outside with the sun still up over the horizon, you will likely have to use flash and/or ND filters to capture dramatically lit images.


When using dramatic lighting, you can still capture a variety of angles and details to put together a coherent, cohesive story.


If you position a flash so that its light falls on your subjects from the same direction as the sun, you will ______.


We recommend using flash for all photos taken during or after dusk, unless it’s for a silhouette shot.