QUIZ: Shooting Stories That Sell: Chapter Five Quiz


Which of the following steps is not part of our 10-step retouching process?


Adjusting shadows and highlights is an important part of the color grading process.


During post-production, you can use the sync feature to ______.


We recommend using the ______ tool to fix/remove smaller objects, and the ______ tool to fix/remove larger objects.


To retouch an image in a non-destructive manner, create a new layer in Photoshop and make sure that “Sample All Layers” is checked before removing distracting elements on the new layer.


We recommend finalizing the retouch for an image after you have upsampled it to actual print size so that you don’t miss any distracting elements.


Some printing companies, such as Bay Photo, do not require you to upsample an image before submitting it to print in a large scale format.