Shooting the Side-Lying Pose | Transcription

With my 50mm lens and my camera set to our familiar exposure settings of 1/100 of a second for our shutter speed, an aperture of F2 and an ISO of 200, we get our first shot which is taken at table height, shooting Ellie with one hand basically under her face and the other hand kind of hanging on the cushion, which you see here.

I kind of dug the whimsical nature of this pose. Again, it’s not a perfect pose but I dig that and I don’t think every pose needs to be perfect. I also grabbed another one, just a bit more close up, which you can see here in this image.

Remember, again, you are always better off shooting from slightly above the head than from shooting from underneath. Shooting up at the head means, once again, that you’re going to be shooting up the nostrils which is a very unflattering look. Remember that babies, well, they like to look good too, guys.

After that first couple of shots, I move Ellie’s hand into the actual position, kind of perfecting our shot. We’re going for both hands together with her head resting on top. This isn’t a very natural pose, so you are going to have to work a little bit with your newborn, keeping your newborn calm and sooth as you get both hands into position.

Again, I have grandma spotting, Olivia adding a bit of extra light with her silver reflector and when I’m ready, I give grandma the signal to bring her hands out and we get this next shot. I love this sleeping pose because it has such a soft and wonderful look to it. Stepping back just a tiny bit, I do one more shot from the same angle, but this time, we go full length, as shown in this image here.

While I have Ellie in this pose, I do want to grab a couple of detail shots as well. To do this, I’m going to switch up to my 100 mm macro just to help me get in nice and tight but since our minimum aperture is now going to change to F2.8, we are forced to raise our ISO a bit. We’re going to go up to 400. Starting with a closeup on the feet, we get this lovely shot right here. Moving up to the face, I raise my ISO one more notch to 800 ISO just to brighten up the image a bit. Brighter is always going to be better and more flattering when it comes to portraits. I’m just taking a moment to get the exposure a bit closer to what I want in-camera, so, with a close, top down angle, I’m able to get this adorable shot of Ellie gently asleep that you see here in this image.

Her second hand moved a little bit from under her cheek but I really don’t mind. I think it still looks great and I make one tiny adjustment when I notice the details, just to bring in her pinkie a little bit. We don’t want those fingers fraying out because it can be a little bit distracting.

We get one more shot. This tine we shoot it with a portrait aspect ratio for just a little bit of variety and that’s what you see here.