Shooting the Citrus Gnome Scene | Transcription

We are ready to begin shooting. At this point, I actually made the decision to drop back down to a more shallow depth of field at F2 rather than stay at F4. Basically, I looked between the different test shots, and I simply liked the look a bit better staying at F2. I felt like the background looked a bit more convincing, when it was slightly more blurred as well. With my final settings at 1/180 of a second, we are shooting at F2, an ISO of 200, I am ready to take my shot. I am shooting this from table height and just like before, grandma and Olivia are constantly spotting on the basket and on Ellie. Since I am shooting in the same direction as the window light, I really don’t need any additional fill because I am shooting along with the direction of light.

Once I am in position, I am happy with my composition and fully ready to go. That’s when I give grandma and Olivia the signal to release. I capture my shot within 1 to 2 seconds, their hands are back on our newborn. Now, at this point we’ve gone through a lot of trouble to stabilize this basket from moving and noticed still how cautious I am in having two spotters. Safety is always the priority once again. That being said, let’s take a look at the final image which you see here. Now I am really happy with this final shot. It took a while to get the scene set up, but I dig our overall final image. The yellow and orange theme really adds a lot to the image and we produced it to have a kind of warm feeling as well where even our background wood and wicker basket kind of have hints of yellow and orange that really matches the overall scene colors.

As a recommendation, try to have 1 to 2 of these concept shots for every newborn session. Always use that in-between downtime to really plan and perfect each of these concept shots, while the baby is feeding because it is the perfect time to set up these great shots. You have so much time in between shooting during these breaks. Just be sure to go into each of these shoots with a plan. Don’t sit there during these breaks trying to think of concepts. For the best results, you want to go into your shoots with these concepts and ideas, at least, to be roughly planned out when we create the mood board.