Shooting and Processing Detail Shots

Perhaps surprisingly, details should be shot and processed just like standard portraits. When looking at examples online, it is common to see photographers increase the clarity and deepen the blacks in post to create a lot of contrast; meanwhile, the portraits from the couples session of the same wedding will lean more toward the light and airy side. If clients prefer light and airy shots for portrait sessions, then they’ll likely appreciate light and airy details as well. Likewise, if the couples prefer dramatically lit images, then shooting and processing for the details should follow suit.

If you are considering publishing your images, then consider also the style of images that are featured in the publications to which you are submitting. If the publication focuses more on the light and airy look, then your photos should fit their style. The same is true for publications who favor images with more contrast.

It is worth noting that in most situations we should still shoot for maximum dynamic range to maximize our post-processing options.