Setting Up the Wicker Basket Scene | Transcription

For this next scene we picked up a sheet of craft paper that has a wood printing on it. Now, you might be thinking that there is no way it’s going to look realistic but as a blurred out background you would be surprised just how realistic it can look. Not to mention it costs less than 10 bucks and you can find these types of papers at your local or online craft stores. To set up I cleared away our previous beanbag and fur and I’m just rolling out the sheet directly in front of the window in the exact same position. Now, my vision for this shot is to sort of have a woodsy kind of earthy feel to the image. I want our newborn inside of a wicker basket placed over the wooden background.

Now, I’m going to be using some pink props and elements to add a bit of color to our overall scene and one of the things that I love doing on any shoot whether it’s a newborn session, a couple session or even an editorial shoot is to color match. I like to have complementary or analogous color schemes and match those colors to the feel and the emotion of the image. I find that this really helps to tell the story that I’m trying to convey. For this scene, again, I want it to be primarily earth tones with a kiss of pink accents to just soften and show that our newborn is a young lady.

The more time you spend in thinking and planning and prepping a scene the higher the level of production that these images will have. Take your time on this stuff. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for professional photos. You just need to spend a bit of time to hone the overall idea. For this next scene we’re using only 20 bucks worth of props. Everything else we just grabbed from the stuff that we had basically lying around the house. Now, in preparing a basket I always weigh down a basket with one to two of these 10 pound ankle weights. Again, I use ankle weights because they are easy to shape and they can lay flat at the bottom of the basket.

I can basically build a base, we can cover it and have a comfortable place for the newborn that is free from any bumps or lumps that would cause our baby to feel uncomfortable. Whenever you’re using a basket or a bucket you always want to weigh it down. This is a major safety precaution and it’s going to prevent the item from tipping if the baby shifts or moves around during the shoot. Once we’ve placed the weights into the basket we add a little bit of padding. We add in our heating pad and then we place our pink fur over the top while kind of tucking in the edges. Again, we still have the space heater pointing in the general posing area.