When it comes to tethering your camera to a computer to use with Lightroom, we recommend investing in high quality gear, such as a Tether Tools cable and a Tether Tools Jerkstopper Camera Support. There are cheaper options, but Tether Tools gear is built to last and is worth the investment. Cheaper cables may give you problems with consistency when transferring data.

How to tether your camera:

  1. Connect your camera to the computer with a proper tethering cable
  2. Open Lightroom
  3. Go to ‘File’
  4. Select ‘Tethered Capture’
  5. Select ‘Start Tethered Capture’
  6. Name the session
  7. Choose a destination to import files
  8. Select metadata/preset for import (if desired)
  9. Press OK

You will know you’ve successfully tethered your camera to Lightroom if you see your camera information included in the display in Lightroom. If you have a new camera and this process does not work, Lightroom may not yet support the camera, and you may have to wait for a Lightroom update. In some instances, the camera may never be supported. For a more detailed list of which cameras that Lightroom supports, visit Adobe’s website and view the list.