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When it comes to tethering your camera to a computer to use with Lightroom, we recommend investing in high quality gear, such as a Tether Tools cable and a Tether Tools Jerkstopper Camera Support.

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  1. Matthew Burks

    This post lost all credibility when it suggested using Lightroom for tethering: personal preferences aside Capture One is far superior when it comes to tethered capture workflow.

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  2. Todd Jackman

    Here’s a vid in case anyone else came for content

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  3. Todd Jackman

    Reginald Walton right! and SLR advertises 1600 premium tutorials, and if this is considered one of them then i’m not sure i want to pay for the other 1599…

    | |
  4. Todd Jackman

    this post has no useful information #mildlyinfuriating

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    • Reginald Walton

      I agree and you can find tethering information on Youtube for free. It’s not difficult to tether, so not sure why SLR wants to charge for this information – sigh!

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