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  1. Michael Mann

    I have a tricky question. I am based in South West France but my preferred clients are coming from the UK, US and other countries to get married here in France. I don’t know if that classifies me as a destination wedding photographer.  Also when I search for my keywords in Adwords do I choose my location of France or the location from where my potential clients are. I have tried a lot of different combinations but the highest key word was only something like 1K ms. 


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  2. Nic Hilton

    I have a question. I love doing destination weddings. I do quite a bit of weddings in mammoth lakes and yosemite. I am very interested in more destination work, but I think long term I would like to stick around LA which is the nearest city to me. If I put “Los Angeles Wedding Photographer” (or similar) as my main keyword, is that more beneficial for me than “Destination Wedding Photographer”? I think what I am really trying to ask is can I push for a long term business based in LA while still doing a lot of destination weddings? 

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    • Christopher Lin

      Both of those keywords are going to take a lot of time and effort to rank for. If your long term goal is LA, then I would go for LA. If you’re trying to do more destination stuff in particular areas, you should create niche pages targeting those specific cities. It’s all about what you think your target clients are searching. Is someone getting married in mammoth lakes searching for “destination wedding photographer”? I would guess not. I think they would be searching the specific city and even the specific venues within that city. Those would make perfect niche pages.

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