QUIZ: Shooting Stories That Sell: Chapter One Quiz


The S3 (Shooting Stories That Sell) Framework is put into action during the initial consultation, long before the first image is captured on the day of the shoot.


The purpose for using the S3 Framework during the initial consultation with a new client is to ______.


While IPS and the S3 Framework both involve sales, the S3 Framework focuses more on the process of building the client’s experience rather than on pushing sales, which will happen later as a result of the process.


Mood board reviews should take place ______ the vision exercise.


The purpose of the vision exercise is to ______.


During the vision exercise, you should not mention the potential price of wall art as it will distract the client and make them not want to participate.


If a client struggles to narrow the type of image they’d like to hang on their wall during the vision exercise, we recommend ______.


Mood boards help clients ______.


We recommend sticking to questions based on the photo shoot itself rather than ask personal questions to keep the discussion from derailing and going off topic.