Required Gear for Panoramic Stitching 301

In previous chapters, we have covered how to photograph the Brenizer Method of wide aperture panoramic stitching using a telephoto lens to compress our background and give depth & dimension to our scene. In this chapter we dive into advanced, creative effects that can be achieved using various lenses with the same photo method.

brenizer-method-panoramic-stitchingPart of that enhanced technique is derived from specialized gear.

Yes, this technique does require more gear than a standard, average shot, but that is what makes it unique and what will help differentiate your work from those around you. The lens selection is based on the effect that we want, and in this specific tutorial we will be working with the Canon TS-E 90mm f/2.8 Tilt Shift as well as showing you how to incorporate off-camera-flash techniques to add emphasis to your imagery. Refer to the downloadable slide to refer to the list of gear required for this shot.