Raw Processing for Cohesion

For each of the photos we edit in this section, we start by applying an SLR Lounge Lightroom preset (be sure to download the SLR Lounge Preset System, which is part of your Premium Membership. You can find the latest presets as well as a preset installation guide under the download tab here, in Chapter One of “From Shoot To Post”).

Basic Processing for Cohesion:

  1. Start with base preset
    1. 11a. Soft Color (Import)
  2. Process/sync across each scene
    1. Ctrl/cmd + Shift + S: Disable all local adjustments
  3. Test via survey (N)

We recommend starting your edits by creating a tone setter. In other words, apply a preset and dial in the settings for one image, and then sync those settings to the remaining images shot within that particular scene. The exact adjustments you make should be to taste and geared toward matching the look your clients want, which you should have established during the mood board review (or some time prior to the shoot).

Next, select a group of images and test via survey (N) to ensure that the images fit together side by side. Finally, go in and make local adjustments to the images as needed (such as correcting the horizon lines, adding a radial burn, etc.).

Remember that there are multiple ways to get to the end result you’re after.