For truly personalized photography, we have each of our clients create a mood board.  We’re with our client Jackie, and we’re reviewing and interviewing her regarding her mood board choices. This is the actual mood board interview for our actual shoot. We’re going to go through the photos she chose, why she chose them, and discuss the look she wants for her engagement shoot. The goal is for us to get on the same page regarding her vision for her photos so that we can deliver a perfectly stylized product.


Looking at Jackie’s Moodboard, a common theme we noticed was that there were a lot of outdoor shots in a field and at the beach. Jackie says she loves park, nature and vintage shots. One shot that sort of stood out from that look and style was the shot of the couple in front of a graffiti wall.

Whenever we see shots that don’t necessarily fit the overall look or theme of the session, we are sure to clarify what it is that the client likes about the image. This is also why we have our clients write a little sentence about what it is they exactly like about a particular image.

When we asked Jackie, she clarified that she likes the colors in the image, or the processing style of the image, rather than the actual graffiti. This is crucial to know, because from a photographer’s point, I would have actually spent time trying to a graffiti wall for a picture when in the end, that wasn’t really what Jackie wanted.

While preparing a mood board is a integral part of preparing for a shoot, reviewing and interviewing the client about their mood board choices is just as important. The mood board and the mood board review gives us an opportunity to communicate and understand exactly what the client wants from their shoot in a very tangible way.

In this particular interview, Jackie also mentioned that she doesn’t like a lot of “kissy” pictures, but instead would prefer more shots of just “looking romantically” at each other. Looking at the mood board it became clear that Jackie likes the overall candid and whimsical lifestyle vibe.

As you can see from the video, not only did the mood board help us understand Jackie’s vision for her photos, it also helps us in determining the specific locations, scenes and props that we will need to use to achieve the look. Mood boards like these helps us understand exactly what a client wants, and that helps us deliver photos that they’ll enjoy and that are tailored to their personalities.