We have an interview with Theresa Huang, one of the Makeup artists we refer clients to. She goes through her approach when meeting with clients, and how she works with them to achieve a look they want. We’re also going to discuss how important makeup artists are during the shoot, and in the photographers workflow.



Makeup is an extremely important aspect of the engagement shoot. We sat down with our friend Theresa Huang and asked her about her approach when it comes to engagement shoot makeup. Theresa sits down with the client and goes through the mood board with them, trying to understand their vision, location of their shoot, their outfits, and their overall personality. Theresa likes to work with her clients instead of just telling her “I think you would look best this way”.


It’s very important for photographers to work with good makeup artists because the photos are immediately influenced by the makeup. Good makeup helps a photographers workflow. If you take any close-up portraits of a client wearing bad or no makeup, it will ultimately add hours of time retouching skin and editing blemishes. A good makeup artist helps photographers deliver a better product, and saves them hours from unnecessary editing.