Please Read Before Watching the Primer Video

The naming of some presets changed after recording this video. However, the instructions are still applicable and apply to the newly named presets.

What changed between the latest version of the presets compared to this primer video?

  • The word “signature” is replaced with “standard,” but they are the same.
  • The word “Fade” was replaced with “Matte”
  • The word “Vivid” was replaced with “Rich”
  • A few new presets were added

Please see the details below.

In “LJP Color”:

  • “Signature Color” changed to “Standard Color”
  • “Vivid Black Crush” is Newly Added

In “LJP B&W”:

  • Signature B&W changed to Standard B&W
  • “Vivid Black Crush B&W” is newly added

In “LJP Color Film”:

  • “Fuji 400h + Soft Matte” is newly added
  • “Fuji 400h + HDR Fade” changed to “Fuji 400h + HDR Matte”
  • “Fuji 400h + Vivid Colors” changed to “Fuji 400h + Rich Colors”
  • “Kodak Portra 800 + Soft Matte” is newly added
  • “Kodak Portra 800 + HDR Fade” changed to “Kodak Portra 800 + HDR Matte”
  • “Kodak Portra 800 + Vivid Colors” changed to “Kodak Portra 800 + Rich Colors”

In “LJP B&W Film”:

  • “Ilford HP5 + Standard” is Newly Added
  • “Ilford HP5 + High Contrast” changed to “Ilford HP5 + Black Crush”
  • “Ilford HP5 + Lifted Fade” changed to “Ilford HP5 + Lifted Matte”
  • “Ilford HP5 + Deep Black Fade” changed to “Ilford HP5 + Deep Black Matte”

What Changed Between Versions?

In the new Lightroom Presets, we’ve not only revamped all of our previous presets from v6 but also incorporated new filmic presets to help recreate the look of classic film images. We’ve also included 25 of our own Lin & Jirsa presets that we use for our signature color, black & white, filmic color, and black & white effects.

Simplified & Refined Framework
With this new update, we’ve moved away from our old framework of creating either “soft” or “vivid” images and have instead, implemented a new singular framework that is now even more powerful and easier to use. This new system is made to be more intuitive as it helps our users now to create their own custom mixologies in just a few clicks.

Advanced Customization System (ACS)

In v6, we introduced COLOR TONING and B&W TONING to the ADJUSTMENTS portion of the workflow. Now, as a part of our new Advanced Customization System, we’ve added more ways to customize color tonalities. In addition to refining all prior color toning presets, we’ve also incorporated filmic color toning and a revamped curve system. We’ve added two whole new curves to the updated curve system as a way to help our users create their perfect version of any preset.

Refined Brushes for Retouching & Advanced Effects

We’ve enhanced our previous retouching and brush presets to now include Detail Enhancers and new Special FX brushes that help with adding tilt shifts, split toning, and more.


Total Course Run Time: 5H 33M 37S


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