Preparing For the Talk Through | Transcription

Now, in general, our talk through’s are most typically going to be done on the phone. Hence, it’s a talk through, and that is why I’m holding my phone, but if you like you can do it online via a video conference. You can do it in person with Dane and Jessica. Of course, for the purpose of recording this video, we did do it in person, but the majority of ours are either going to be on the phone. That is the majority, actually, and then the second majority is going to be online video conference, and the third majority is in person. Does that make sense? Not really.

Now, in prepping for the talk through, there’s certain things that I would really like to hammer home in everybody’s heads because our own shooters are constantly doing this. They’ll answer the phone, “Well, hello Dan and Jessica. Yes, I am ready for our talk through. Hold on. Let me sit down at my computer. One second. Let me just get the mood board pulled up. Just give me one second. You know what? Is it cool if I call you back in just second? Okay, thanks.”

That is not a good way to start your conversation, so what I’m saying here is that we want to prepare for the talk through. We want to understand by first sitting down at the computer. We open up the Mood Board, and we review it. Get an idea of what they’re looking for. Don’t look at it for the first time when you’re on the call, or when you’re talking to them in person. Start a screen share and send an invite, so whenever we’re doing video conference, or online, or even just on the phone, we want to start a screen share, and we send it to them.

Now, one of the things we try to do is make sure that the clients are also at their computer, because with a screen share that we do, they can see what we’re showing them on the computer, so I’m going to pull up the Mood Board. We’re going to start a screen share. Now, a free application for a screen share that works very well, it’s very simple, is, but if you want to use Google Chat, and do screen share via the Google hang outs, and whatever, or if you want to do Facebook. Whatever application you want, I know Apple also has their built in kind of screen sharing, and conversational video conferencing stuff.

Anything works, but starting that screen share means that when I talk about a specific image, I can pull it up on my side. I can point to it, I can reference wardrobe, I can reference clothing, I can reference locations, and they can follow along, as opposed to doing this. Yeah, so go to the mood board, and like 3 images down and 5 over you’ll see this. It just makes it so cumbersome, and not nearly as good of an experience overall.

Once you’ve done these 3 things. You’ve sat down at your computer, you’ve opened your Mood Board, and you’re ready to review, you also have a Evernote ready and you’re ready to take notes, begin the call. I don’t know why that was out of order. That’s all right. Okay, so [begin 00:02:43] the call, we take our notes in Evernote. Now, once again … I say now a lot, don’t I?

Once again, you can use any app that you’d like to take notes. You want to take it on Word document, fine. Take it in Gmail, fine. Take it anywhere you want, fine. That sounds weird, but I use Evernote, and the reason why I use Evernote is because I can take notes into Evernote on my computer, and it’s automatically synchronized to my phone, to mobile apps, to anywhere I need it. When I’m in my phone, I can pull up all of my notes on my clients extremely easily. I love Evernote, and I use it for so much more than just preparing for talk throughs, and so forth. I use it just in my daily life.

Check it out. It’s a really great application. Now, once we are done with this entire call, we will send them a followup email. We’re going to use template email number 2, which we’ll cover in just a few moments. Let’s go ahead and move on to the next video now.


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