Pre-Wedding Talk Through Email | Transcription

Now this is a reminder of basically what we need to have, in terms of information, prior to the talk through in order to have an effective wedding talk-through.

45-60 days prior, we’re going to send out Template Email #5. Template Email #5 is going to be sent to the client or if you are being directed to a planner, then, of course, send it to a planner so you’re going to get the information from the planner and not the clients, as you’re going to work through the planner. Do I need to say “planner” again? I think not.

All right, so 45-60 days prior we need a few different things. We need the wedding mood board, we need the actual timeline. This is not the rough timeline anymore, the rough timeline would have been something we had gotten prior, if we got it at all. It would have given us an opportunity to discuss things with the clients and so forth, hopefully would have gotten that way early in the process.

With this timeline, when we receive it 45-60 days prior, hopefully, we will send out Template Email #6 right away if we notice a major problem with the timeline. Hopefully, with all of your discussions during the initial meeting, with your opportunities to chat with them during the engagement talk-through, with your opportunities to talk with them during the engagement session, with their own time they went and studied the timeline guide. You gave them all the resources, you gave them all the advice possible to make sure that when you get this, there really should not be any major issues.

What we do is, as long as there aren’t any major issues, we don’t worry about sending this email out prior to the talk through. We’ll have our talk-through, we’ll help make any small modifications as necessary, and then we’ll send this out after the talk-through to kind of confirm all the things that we discussed.

We also want to have the formals and must-have checklist if they do have a few must-have shots.

Again, with a must-have checklist, it’s one of those things that we don’t like. If a client gives it to us, we want to dissuade the use of that because it prevents artistry. We don’t mind if they put a few images into their mood board and label them as must-haves, but we don’t want to get a list of 40-60 items because we’re going to end up just looking to check off items rather than shoot artistically.

We do want our formals list. We also want our wedding VIP list. We also want a wedding hashtag or handle if they have one. These are the items that we want to request so that we can have all the information when going into the talk through. Granted, some of these items, like a wedding hashtag handle, we don’t necessarily need that up until the day of, but we’re going to request it anyway up front.

Okay so that’s all going to go out in Email #5 to the client or the planner. That’s pretty self-explanatory.


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