There are a number of must-have shots you’ll need to capture during a wedding day. The specific shot list will change depending on the culture(s) of the bride and groom, but many of the angles and positions will remain the same. Grip & grins and candids will nearly always make the must-have list, regardless of culture.

Here is a breakdown of the lenses, settings, and positions you’ll need for capturing grip & grins and candid images:


  • TEAM: 24-70 (grip and grins/details)
  • TEAM: 70-200 (candids/details)


  • SHUTTER SPEEDS: Ideally (1/500+) low-light (1/160+)
  • EXPOSURE: Max histogram without clipping shadows (highlight alert always on!)


  • LEAD: Her VIPs, Candids + grip and grins
  • SECOND: His VIPs, Candids + grip and grins
  • THIRD: Other guest candids

Keep in mind that while candids are great, if the subjects are not VIPs, the images will have limited usefulness. They are definitely worth capturing, but unless otherwise requested by the bride and groom to shoot a lot of candids of random guests, you will not have to capture more than twenty to thirty of these images. Mainly, for the candids you do capture, look for the components that define other great images: lighting, composition, and expressions. It also helps to capture multiple guests within a single shot. If the expressions are bad, however, it’s probably safe to delete the image from your camera.