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In case you haven’t heard, Instagram’s community of over 500 million active users makes it the most popular social media outlet for photographers of any kind. Showcasing your work on popular social media platform allows you to reach a wider audience and create an online portfolio that doubles as a marketing tool.

There’s a slight predicament though, and the scenario is as follows: You’ve just wrapped up a shoot and can’t wait to share the images, but the hassle of sending a web-ready version of your photo to your smartphone and posting it to your Instagram account can be a grueling, and often tedious process. Here is your solution: four comprehensive desktop apps that will enable you to post to IG directly from your computer without the strain of manual upload.




We’ve talked about Schedugram before, but we can’t stress enough how useful this tool really is. This makes posting to IG hassle-free by allowing users to schedule-out images, captions, tags, and hashtags all within minutes. This tool works seamlessly for photo posting, however, when posting video the application does not allow you to choose a featured image, a small trade-off for such a self-sufficient program.



The unique aspect of Schedugram lies in its Hashtag option, allowing users to input 30 specific hashtags in the first comment of their image, which is automatically hidden from the audience so that it doesn’t take away from the image or take up too much real estate on the screen. You also have the ability to manage multiple accounts and save-out drafts for later scheduling. Schedugram is free for the first 30 days and $20 per month after to continue using the service. If you’re an avid user, and it’s part of your business, it can really be worth it.



With easy video demonstrations of how to upload photo & video media, Gramblr makes it easy to schedule out posts and create captions, but it lacks the option for first-comment hashtags. Like Schedugram, uploading video to Gramblr comes with the same issue, no choice for featured image. The most appealing part of Gramblr is that it is absolutely free with purchasing options for organic marketing strategies, and it is a downloadable application unlike Schedugram’s website uploader.

Lightroom + Instagram

Because Lightroom maintains such dominance in the market, there’s a good chance you have it and use it as your primary post processing application. So if you live in that ‘space’ you’ll love this plug-in; it’s free to download and try, and you can get full registration for only $10.


Within about a minute you’ll go through the typical steps to install a plug-in in LR, and while setting up the new service in Lightroom’s Publishing Manager you can authenticate your Instagram account right from there. In fact, you can even do it for multiple accounts simply by making new publishing collections. You can see here that Kish has already set up for his personal and SLRL accounts.


Pixbuf garnered warranted interest from the creative community last year upon its release because it offered a centralized hub from which one could upload to, schedule, and manage imagery on multiple creative platforms like Behance, Flickr, 500px, Facebook, and Twitter. It was immediately a source of interest, but with the amount of attention it got it didn’t take long for the glaring omission to be revealed: Instagram wasn’t on the list.



Well, it is now, costs $0 dollars, works, and you can even track some metrics with it. All that’s required is to sign-up, sign into your social accounts, and schedule or post away. It isn’t, however, flawless, so if you use Schedugram perhaps you shouldn’t reach to cancel just yet.

While Pixbuf is both free and intuitive, it’s not nearly as robust as Schedugram; you can’t be as detailed, can’t measure quite as well, and generally, it’s slower. The most glaring issue I ran into while uploading an image is the absolute mess that is the Instagram aspect ratio limitation. When you’re on the app via mobile, you can select any image, and resize/crop it to a degree to fit between their 1:1 or 4×5 options, and do it on the fly. In Pixbuf you can’t. In fact, you won’t even be allowed to upload it to IG, and it doesn’t allow you to crop the image from within.


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  1. Christina Barnes

    Nice written article. I will try this. Currently i am posting instagram photos and videos by my own method. I am downloading the videos and photos from Instagram by the online tool . After downloading , i put the videos on pc and after it i am using instagram app in bluestack to post from pc. I will try your given method. Thanks

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    Hi! Nice article, but I have one question. Why not to use online services for uploading pics from PC on insta? I upload and schedule photos thanks to . What do you think?

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  4. Ali Abdelkader

    Hello , Thanks For This Great Post i Want To Mention That You Can Upload photos directly from your Computer Browser to your Instagram account without needing your phone, schedule Instagram posts by creating a calendar to publish on the required day and time to get more followers, and manage multiple accounts and post on any account at the same time Using

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  5. Geneva  Gleason

    Thanks regarding delivering these good write-up.
    happy wheels 3

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  6. Adam Rubinstein

    Last I checked, LR/Instagram has had a major problem since IG updated their posting protocol in September. You can post, but none of your hashtags work. They released a fix within a week when IG did it the first time, but then IG changed it again. It’s been about a month, and the LR/IG site still says the problem is active.

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