Post Talk Through Confirmation  | Transcription

The Post Talk Through Confirmation is just simply the email that you’re going send out to confirm basically everything that you’ve discussed with your clients. We’re going to send out template email number two. It’s pretty straight forward and we’re going to send this out to the client and to our team. Meaning that if we have an assistant coming along with us, we want to give them this information, too, so they can actually know where to show up, what time to show up, what to bring, they can see the client’s mood board, because guess what, our assistants are the ones that are actually going to keep the mood board pulled up on their phones so that we can kind of have it as a visual gauge to make sure that we’re covering the types of images that we want to shoot for our clients.

We want the assistants to be included in that process so they can help us along with the shoot, in addition to knowing the details of the shoot itself. Now on this Post Talk Through Confirmation, I’m going to include certain things. One is, of course, the shoot itinerary, where we’re going to start from. For my assistant, I’m going to let them know that we’re going to leave the studio at this time and so forth. It also helps to let the clients know that we’re leaving the studio at two, our shoot starts at three.

What the clients end up doing is if they need to reschedule anything or if they need to let us know that they’re late or they need to do whatever, they’re going to do it earlier in the day because oftentimes, what used to happen in the past is that we’d have a shoot at three, we would leave for it at two, and then the clients would call up at 2:30 and be like, “We’re running an hour late to our shoot. Sorry.” We’re like, “Okay. We’re on the road already. Doesn’t matter now.”

If they actually let you know that before you leave, then you can stay at the studio a little bit longer or stay at your house a little bit longer and not actually waste time on-location. It’s great to kind of include that information for the clients as well. Also, we want to include the engagement mood board just so we all have it as a reference there for the shoot itself. We include stylistic notes in terms of what the clients are looking for, any types of special requests, any types of special shots or guidance that we need to include.

Also, for the clients’ purposes, we include a few items to bring. This is our hairspray, this is our comfortable shoes, these are our snacks and water and so forth. You all can take a look at the email. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Feel free to modify it as you need and make that your email that goes out right after your talk through for the engagement session. Then, have a happy time shooting. 


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