Post Booking Email & Requests  | Transcription

Alright so you have booked your client and again remember that we are focusing on communication and planning, we will talk about bookings and sales and everything like that in a separate course.  Beyond the scope.

We have now booked our client and what we need to do is send them off an e-mail that is kind of a reminder of everything that we discussed as well as what they need to prepare and kind of things that they need to start thinking about.  We are going to send off Template E-mail #1 and before we go into what is actually covered what I want to mention is that are most important information that we need right now to begin going forward with the whole engagement shoot, mood board and planning process, we actually need the engagement mood board.  Once they put together that we can plan out the engagement session.  That’s really what the first e-mail is about: Congratulations, we are so excited, it’s going to be awesome, so forth.  Put together your mood board, mood board, mood board. 

Beyond that what we’re going to do is request them to think about some additional items.  The ideal time line guide is going to be included with that and also a rough wedding timeline is what we are requesting from them.  Our ideal timeline guides we are actually going to include … well it’s a little snippet now I’ve given you guys the ideal timeline guide, we will be going over that in detail.  We actually link them to a location on our website so that timeline guide is on the website and what’s that there for is to help them to kind of start thinking about what we’re asking.  Again these are bits and pieces we’re reviewing what we had covered in that initial meeting. 

Where we talked a little bit about timeline we’re now giving them that timeline guide again we’re giving them hints and ideas so they understand that we need time to get good photos.  I feel like a little child and I’m pouting right now.  Let’s go ahead and what we’re going to do is … oh and one other thing that I wanted to mention, is all of these items, the wedding mood board, the timeline, the formals checklist, the wedding VIP list, the hashtag, these are all 45 to 60 day prior request.  Unless they book you kind of late in the game unless the wedding is 2 months away, generally we don’t send this out until later on.  We send it out 45 to 60 days prior because what we found is that more often than not you’re not going to get this information prior to 30 days before the wedding.  At least it’s really difficult to get that information.  Most people just kind of want to get you the stuff when they get it, when the coordinators give it to them, when that happens and usually that’s about 30 days away.  Typically we request it around 45 to 60 days.  If we get it early great, we can help with some additional planning and so forth. 

Let’s go ahead and we’re going to pull up that template e-mail again, pull it up and give it a little looksy. I want to cover just briefly what this includes.  Template e-mail of course you guys can read this in your own time so let’s just briefly cover some of the key points.  Dates and availability.  Once again we already talked to them about in the initial meeting how generally our engagement sessions are going to be on week dates.  We are going to give them some week dates that work best and if they want to come back with a weekend then already they know there is an added fee and so forth and that’s covered.  The main portion of this e-mail is creating the mood board, so we give them steps a 1, 2, 3 very simple.  Create a Pinterest account go to the Linigers of Photograph blog, pin these images, it’s super simple, super straightforward and that is the body the primary body of this e-mail. 

Next we talk about several different locations, there’s a lot of different locations that require permitting, we want to give them this heads up because again, we found that if we don’t and they go to the mood board and they select 20 images from this one location and then they find out later on that there such a thing as a permitting fee they get kind of frustrated because they are like oh why didn’t you tell me that some locations require a permitting or maybe you could just tell me which locations are free that’s what I would like to know.  Often times when they get this e-mail they’ll write us back and they say hey you know what can you please just tell me which locations are actually free.  We will write them back in the e-mail and say oh well you know all of the Orange County Parks and so forth we already have permits for, you can see these sessions and that would already be included in your pricing and so forth.  Again we’re giving them just a little bit of a heads up. 

Next on timing again this is really about timing the overall time of the day.  This is really where it’s based upon their vision.  If they pin a ton of images that are night time images, we know that we need to shoot during the night or at least get sunset and mostly night.  We know that if they pin only images during the day and sunset we’re going to shoot during the day and then shoot sunset.  It’s going to help to basically have that mood board so we can kind of gauge the overall timing of this session during the day. 

Generally an engagement session does last around three hours so we tell them some additional things like it’s typically going to last a little while, bring some snacks, bring comfortable shoes and so forth.  Go ahead and go to the next little part of this.  We also give them ideas like again we talked about a lot of these things during that initial meeting or at least we talked about the things that they were most interested in. This e-mail provides some me reminders.  Plan their hair and makeup, we tell them multiple times we’re going to tell them here and we’re going to tell them also on the phone call that being on time will dramatically affect the quality and variety of your images.  You show up an hour late to your engagement shoot, well the clock starts when it starts and if you show up an hour late then our three hour shoot is now a two hour shoot.  Of course we allow them to add on extra time but if we plan for a sunset session and we have that three hour window just ending right after sunset and they miss one of those hours, that’s a third of the images that we’re not going to be able to capture.  It’s going to have a major impact we want to communicate that to them.

Finally the last note is the with wedding stuff to think about.  Like I said we kind of give them these ideas that’s the ideal time line planning guide and it’s getting their rough draft of the timeline.  We give them these things to think about because we want to basically have opportunities to kind of inject our thoughts and our ideas into their wedding timeline before it’s 30 days out.  When you’re 30 days out on a timeline, more likely than not you’re not going to be able to make any major changes to the wedding day.  Why because the invitations have already gone out, everybody knows these times are set, the makeup all that stuff, makeup and hair has been set at a certain time they can’t change those things. 

What we want to do is keep kind of communicating throughout the entire process, keep giving them ideas, keep helping along the way so that by the time we get that final itinerary 30 days out, well the only changes we’re making are very minor.  We are not doing major changes those have already been made prior, we’ve got those things and we’ve helped them to revise them beforehand.  That’s it for that e-mail you guys have our template e-mail now you can take that modify it to fit your own needs.


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