Posing for the Parisian Scene | Transcription

In prepping Ellie, I wanted to add just a bit of a color accent to our scene. So, we’re going to use her knitted hat and her diaper cover which I have here and that’s going to be our pink accents. Again, Beautiful Photo Props have a lot of very cute hat and diaper sets for the knitting challenged which I would definitely be one of those. These are not necessarily inexpensive though. They’re around the $40 to $50 price range for a set so they’re not exactly cheap but, once again, if you’re shooting a lot of newborn photos they’re definitely a worthwhile investment if you don’t want to make them on your own. 

These items, again, make it that much easier to do the shoot because with the diaper cover on we can leave our newborn’s diaper on and not have to worry about any sort of mess and still come up with great photos because we have our wonderful prop covering it. If you’re shooting a lot of newborn photos then it’s definitely worth the few bucks to make your life easier. I love my life easier. With the beanie and hat on I’m going to carefully place Ellie back onto the fur on top of our setup.

Notice this entire time I have Olivia in place spotting. As soon as we have the baby on any type of elevated surface or anything that’s small or could at all be dangerous if the baby moves, you need to have your spotter constantly present. If I need a fill light from the reflector I’m going to have someone else hold it. Olivia’s number one job is now newborn safety. As I’m tucking in Ellie’s legs and arms I’m taking just a couple of moments to calm and soothe her as she shifts a bit in her pose.

Once I get her comfortable, and for the most part, in place, this is when I let Olivia take over on the spotting and I go and I grab our faux pearls which are going to be placed over her back and kind of our finishing little Parisian touch. Remember that beads and jewelry and all that kind of stuff is going to be cool to the touch so before placing the beads on any newborn I like to heat them up in my hands in front of the Space heater to a comfortable temperature so as not to wake our newborn. 

Please, don’t do anything silly like burning the baby by placing something that’s too hot on his or her skin. You always want to test anything that you heat up on the inside of your wrist just to make sure it’s not too hot before placing it on the baby. All right, my camera is still set up from our test shots in the last video. The lighting looks really great and we’re going to be shooting Ellie with the direction of the window light from a low angle so we really don’t need any extra fill light.