Pose Guidance for Him | Transcription

At the beginning of each shoot, I like to start with some posing guidance for both him and her. This is kind of my first chance to goof around a bit with the couple kind of break the ice while helping them to understand posing just a little bit more.

Now, I don’t necessarily expect them to remember everything I say and I tell them that. I’m just using this opportunity to really break the ice and get them comfortable with me before we jump into the foundation poses. I generally like to start with the guys first so let’s go on to that part of the session and watch what we do with Ryan.

All right so we’re here guys generally I like to do a start every session off with just a tiny bit of coaching and then we’re going onto the foundation poses. Then, we’re just going to have some fun…Basically, what I want to do is … We’re going to start with the guy because … Well, it’s easier for the guys. We got an easy lot in life because the girls make us look good. All right. Yeah. Right? See he agreed. This is going to be successful right here. Automatically, I know it. Ryan step apart from Jackie one sec. Go a little bit this way. There you go right there. Basically dude, all we got to do here is you generally don’t want to have your hands just laying at our side. Okay. Typically, we want to be doing something with one hand. Usually, it’s going to be involving Jackie. All right. You’re going to have it in an appropriate place on Jackie’s purse or holding her hand or something like that.

With the other hand, whenever we have a hand relaxed, it doesn’t look that great having it just sitting against your side. There’s not really anything wrong with it but it always I think looks a little bit nicer if we have that hand in a pocket. We can either go full hand in the pocket or just thumb in the pocket or something with that hand.

Now before we kind of start shooting, you generally want to take a breath in so we kind of just puff up the chest a little bit and then just kind of hang the shoulders a bit. All right. A typical guy pose we kind of standing … We generally don’t stand flat footed although there’s not anything wrong for a guy to stand flat footed but typically we’re kind of more relaxed. We got our hands in our pockets and let me just hang my shoulders. Take a breath in so it’s that very chilled casual guy look.”

Now, we’re going to help coach Ryan a bit more throughout the shoot but that’s really all he needs to know for now. We don’t want to overload him on advice upfront so let’s move on now and give some guidance to our female subject, Jackie.