Placing The Order

We use Bay Photo ROES to print our images, so this chapter will show you how to do the same.

We recommend that you first create an account with Bay Photo (at if you have not already done so. After you’ve signed into your account, locate and click the “Create Order” button. Under the “Standard Catalog” option near the products button in the top left corner of the page, you should be able to locate the specific product you need. In this case, we’re going to order a 40×60 custom canvas. After selecting “Canvas,” you should be able to import your image (you can drag a file from your desktop into the image placeholder). As you adjust the crop and make changes, you’ll notice a real-time preview of the changes you’re making, including adjusting the canvas type, finishing, bordered wrap effects, and even hanging options.

If you want to create a cluster of images rather than a single image, you can use Bay Photos “Clusters and Splits“ feature (located under the “Canvas” option near the “Products” button in the upper lefthand corner of the webpage).

If you’re showing clients options for framing and matting, we recommend having samples in your studio, or just have them on hand as examples if you don’t have a studio space. Clients will be more apt to order (at least, make decisions more quickly) when they see the real world example of a product they can expect to receive. When all the details have been worked out and your order is ready to print, simply submit your order and all of the details of your print will be noted, which means all you have to do is wait for the image to be delivered.