Placing and Preparing Our Newborn | Transcription

Here we’re bringing in Ellie into our scene, and the first thing you’re probably going to notice is that I’m wearing my black gloves. As I mentioned earlier, I tend to have cold and kind of clammy hands during my shoots, so I wear the gloves throughout the shoot so as not to disturb my newborn whenever I’m posing him or her. Of course, I found out later that with a black shirt and black gloves on, I look kind of commando style, but hey the images are what matters, right guys?

Here we’re placing Ellie down and I’m having my assistant get some puppy pads available and as we discussed in our tips earlier, while I’m posing and prepping my shots I always am going to keep a puppy pad underneath our newborn just to help catch any messes that she might make, or he might make, while we’re setting up our newborn into our shot. To help keep Ellie calm, I grab my iPhone, I turn on my white noise app and I select a white noise track keeping it at a comfortable volume. Not too loud and not to quiet. Once again, I love these gloves because I can control my iPhone with my gloves still on, with those capacitative fingertips.

Once we have all this in place, I continue to undress Ellie and prepare her for our first set of basic nude shots. Throughout this process, you’re going to notice me frequently pausing to kind of comfort her a bit, and make sure that she doesn’t get upset. I find that a hand on the newborn’s head while kind of stroking softly and gently rocking and shhhh-ing generally works very well in calming newborns. At this point, we take off Ellie’s diaper while keeping a puppy pad underneath her.

We clean her up a bit, as she does have a bit of a mess in the diaper, and I’m carefully watching just to make sure that as we take off Ellie’s clothing, she still remains comfortable with the overall temperature. Now Ellie’s in position, she’s comfortable, she’s asleep, so we’re ready to start posing, lighting and shooting our basic shots.