Placing and Wrapping Newborns | Transcription

Up until this point we haven’t shot any wraps so far so wanted to demonstrate how to do a wrap. This isn’t like the lyrical kind. There are plenty of wraps that you can do. Generally we’re either going to swaddle the baby which again we showed you earlier how to do or we’re going to use basically a soft elastic cloth, like this material that we have here, to wrap the baby. Now this is very much similar to a cheesecloth and I’ve actually seen photographers use cheesecloths. They just color it to whatever they like. We get these basically already prepared and already colored off again. They’re really nice little elastic cloths that are great for wrapping newborns. Now swaddling and wrapping newborns is awesome because again you can leave their diapers on which really simplifies the shoot.

They hold in their pose and so forth. Stylistically I prefer the wrap just because from an artistic standpoint, I feel like it bundles the baby just a bit tighter than a swaddle. It has more of that newborn bundle of joy look. Again this is really a personal preference, this is something for me. I like to typically use wraps. To wrap Ellie, I place her onto the fur and then I bring the wrap underneath her with just a little bit of it sticking out to the left side. Now with that short end sticking out, I stretch it around her body and tuck it underneath her back while holding her legs and her arms in a bit. Once it’s tucked in, I simply take the long side and then wrap it around her body in an even manner going around her legs and arms.

I’m not going to be shooting her full length in these shots so I’m not going to worry about basically the bottom of the wrap or the end of it. If I were, I would either continue the wrap and tuck it in on the end underneath her or use it as part of the composition as a leading line into the newborn. After I get her wrapped, I want to perfect the pose by placing her arms fully into the wrap and then basically having her hands grasp the outside top layer of the wrap. Once again she isn’t holding the pose so I’m taking a few moments just to soothe her and relax her to help her ease into it a little bit. Once she’s still and soothed, I grab her lovely oversized Parisian style bow and gently wrap it around her head.

Now the string on this bow actually has beads and bit of metal on it. I want to avoid wrapping it all the way around her head and tying it because it might make her a little bit uncomfortable. Instead, I just place it gently on her head, extend the ends, tie basically around the side onto the floor and then out of the scene. Again at this shallow of an aperture, you won’t really be able to see it in the shots so I’m opting to keep Ellie comfortable. Rather than trying to get it perfectly tied around her head.