Placing and Preparing Our Newborn | Transcription

We’re ready to place Ellie into the basket, and she’s been fed and burped at this point, but is still a bit uneasy. As I’m placing her, I’m going really slow. I’m just taking moments here and there to kind of calm her with each adjustment. Notice that as I’m setting up and posing Ellie, I have a diaper just loosely in place, just in case. That rhymed nicely.

Now I want to start with a nice top-down shot, so I place Ellie on her tummy, and she naturally looks away from the window. This is probably because it’s just too bright and a bit uncomfortable to be looking at, but this is totally fine. I want Ellie to be comfortable and get back to sleeping, knowing that I can just turn the basket towards the light when we’re ready to start shooting. As I’m setting up, I’m also enlisting grandma’s help at this point, to kind of help in calming Ellie, while I’m doing other things.

Here we’re ready for Olivia to come back into the scene to help me add my fill, using the silver side of the reflector once again. Now because Ellie could wake a bit when we turn her into the window light, I’m getting everything completely set up before we actually capture our final shot. I want to get my final shot and composition ready, so I need to do a quick test shot.

Now I’m still using my 50mm 1.2 lens, because I want to be shooting at F2, just for the additional light for my exposure, and also for the additional kind of blur and bokeh that I’m going to get from the lens. I’m going to be using a chair placed behind Ellie, and just leaning over slightly. For safety reasons, I have the camera’s neck strap around my neck once again and I’m being extremely careful when standing on the chair. I have very good balance, but just in case I left plenty of space in front of me and the newborn, so that if I lose my balance, I can always just step down in front of me. Again, if you’re uncomfortable with this, then don’t do it.

Here is our final test shot, we’ve taken it at 1/200 of a second for our shutter speed, and F2 and ISO 200. Our lighting looks great with the silver reflector fill, and we’re ready to add our final props, turn Ellie into the light, and then get our first shot. Now if you think these test shots look good, just wait until we get Ellie facing the light in her final shot.