Placing and Posing for the Scene | Transcription

We’re far enough along now to bring in Ellie, and once again yellow is going to be my main accent color for this image. I’ve used the same type of wrap that we used earlier, but this time instead of using the pink, we’re once again going to use the yellow wrap. Before I place Ellie into the scene I want to take one extra safety precaution. Our basket is very sturdy and still, but I’m still going to have Olivia be our constant spotter for the basket itself, so she’s going to stand just behind the background. She’s going to have her hands over the backdrop and on to the basket just to make sure that the basket doesn’t shift or move as we stabilize Ellie into it. Because Olivia is focused on the basket itself, I’m also going to enlist grandma as our second spotter.

As I begin placing Ellie, I notice one thing. We need to make one small adjustment because there’s a lack of back support. Basically Ellie is leaning a little bit too much into the back of the basket and tipping backwards a bit. To fix that I’m going to use one of our small accent pillows in our kit that we talked about earlier to just kind of cushion the background and giving her back a little bit of support so she doesn’t lean too far back into the basket. Now with the pillow in place we have no trouble placing Ellie in and getting her to rest comfortably while holding our pose, but the thing is, while I have grandma spotting Ellie, Ellie actually wakes up. This is the toughest shot in pose that we’re doing of the day, and so rather than trying to force it, I’d rather just have Ellie be brought out for a few minutes to soothe and calm her back to a deep sleep, and then try again.

It only takes a few minutes this time to get her into a good sleep. Again, the best test is just to go back to the noodle test. Just lift up on the newborn’s arm gently. If you can lift and there’s not any muscle resistance, then the newborn is in a good deep sleep. At this point we bring Ellie back to the basket and we fit the gnome hat on to her head. We also tidy up the details and wrap up, make sure the fur and everything looks good in the shot, the oranges are in place. Remember, be patient. Look for the details. Be careful, and these types of shots are tough. Be patient, be safe, and stick with it. Ellie is in place and we’re ready to begin. Let’s head on to the next video where we’re actually going to capture the shot.