Pinned Constant Or Off-Camera Flash

By this point in the course, you can probably guess that your best lighting option for covering reception activities, including open dancing, is a pinned constant or off-camera flash! The setup takes under a minute and works in any scene or location. This lighting method requires an assistant or can be done handheld.

There’s obviously a lot of movement on the dancefloor, so holding an off-camera flash in your hand will allow you to stay mobile and move quickly. Even though the flash is close to your camera, you can still add directional light using this method.

Here are some key tips for covering open floor dancing with pinned constant or off-camera flash:

  1. In-the-action camera angles
  2. Lower power > recycle
  3. Widen flash zoom (35-50mm)
  4. Hold away from body
  5. High action = more clicks
  6. Constant = watch shutter speed
  7. Toss all bad expressions