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Photography SEO and Web Marketing Intro

The founders of SLR Lounge first started Lin and Jirsa Photography, a Los Angeles-based wedding photography studio. We started in 2008 with a couple thousand dollars in prosumer Canon gear from Costco, a little bit of experience, and a lot of drive to succeed.

As we honed our skill and developed a distinct shooting, lighting and post production style, we also invested in our business. But we didn’t take out ads in popular magazines, and we didn’t spend thousands on a flashy new website.We didn’t pay hundreds a year for photography memberships and directories, and we didn’t go to any bridal shows to scream over other vendors. Instead, we invested time in our own websites and learned how to rank well in search engines. We worked on ranking well in 1) standard “organic” search results, 2) image search results and 3) local search results. Concurrently, we built up our Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram followings. All the while we continued making clients happy, resulting in hundreds of positive reviews across Yelp, wedding websites, and the Google local listing.

Learning SEO was one of the best investments we made because of year over year, we continue to grow our revenue without spending a penny on advertising. That is not to say other marketing techniques don’t work because some do. The $1000 per month magazine advertisement might book you a few clients and you might even book up most of your calendar at a single bridal show. But with these marketing avenues, to continue booking, you have to continue spending. In other words, none of these other forms of advertising are true investments that continue to pay off after the initial spend.

So today, we continue to invest time in the web marketing aspect of the business, coming up with new pages on our websites to target different niches. We also spend time driving incoming links to our site and building credibility on the web. We continue to invest time into growing our social media followings, experimenting with different posts and taking the time to interact with fans. We’ll be covering each of these in detail in later chapters. Today we have 22 full-time photographers, 5 full-time videographers, 9 full-time post-production and administrative staff, and a group of talented lighting assistants and third shooters in training. We shoot over 300 total weddings, 10-20 maternity and baby shoots, and 10-20 commercial and fashion shooters per year. We mention this not to brag or boast but to assure you that you are getting all of this information from a credible source. We’ve not retired photographers with outdated theories or professional SEO experts who lack specific industry knowledge. We are working photographers sharing every detail of how web marketing and SEO has helped us immensely in building our passion into something big.

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  1. Tega Eghosa

    hey guys …awesome stuff…..i am an aspiring photographer…its just awesome to hear stuff like this.Thanks for the encouragement….thats something i did

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  2. Dee Organ

    Wow… can I be Photographer number 23? Also you have a typo in the text above “fashion shooters per year” –> “fashion shoots per year” ;) 

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