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Photography Domain Names | How to Choose

Your business name and your domain name will go hand-in-hand, so let’s take a look at the considerations you should take when selecting your domain name. Your domain name is going to be your digital “calling card” when it comes to clients finding your website. There are rules and best practices when it comes to selecting a domain name, and there are also some common misconceptions in regards to how domains work.

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Domain Name Misconceptions

First, let’s talk about the misconceptions. Many people are under the belief that your domain name is overly important when it comes to SEO. For example, if you are based in San Francisco, California, and you don’t use the words “San Francisco” within your domain name, some mistakenly believe you aren’t going to rank for those keywords in search results. This is simply not true.

While the domain name is a part of the overall SEO equation, it is only a small part. It always helps to include keywords in your domain name, but if it just doesn’t fit, don’t think that you are out of luck when it comes to targeting your services within your specific locale.

Domain Name Best Practices

Short & Memorable – The ideal domain name, like your ideal business name, should be something short and memorable. For example, imagine if your website domain was something like the following:


It would be incredibly descriptive and include keywords for SEO, but it would also be difficult to remember, often misspelled, and a nightmare to communicate without a clickable link.

There are often going to be times when you simply tell a potential client or contact your website address without necessarily providing them a business card. If your domain name is short and easily memorable, it will be much easier to find.

Include Your Business Name – Having your name within your domain is going to be very important to ensuring that your audience doesn’t get confused.

For example, if your business name is Jennifer Reynolds Photography, your domain name should be something closely related. If you use a domain based on keywords, like, you will cause confusion. Viewers will question whether they are on the right site. In addition, if a client knew your business name, they wouldn’t necessarily be able to find your website since it doesn’t match.

Select What Is Available – In the course of choosing your online business and domain name, you need to be taking into consideration what is actually available. Many of your first choices will already be taken by others. Our favorite tool for this is Instant Domain Search, which will give you instant results on whether or not a domain name is already taken. In addition to the results being displayed as you type, the website will also tell you other similar domain names that are available.

However, once you have selected a domain name that is indeed available, don’t go purchasing that domain quite yet. The hosting companies that we often recommend come with free domain name registrations with hosting purchases.

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