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Photography Business Names | How to Choose

When deciding on a name, it’s important to consider the psychology of a business name. Among creative professionals, the vast majority use their own names within their business names in some way or another.

The general formula is to either use your first and last name (or a pen-name) + the service that you perform. Here are some examples: Jennifer Reynolds Photography, David Sizemore Events, and so forth.

Boutique vs. Scalable

In general, small businesses that run off of the name of their owners run more as a boutique business. This implies that if the quality of the product and service is consistent; and they can generally demand higher prices for their services, as they are selling a specific person, the owner.

However, boutique studios based on a single person often have a tough time growing since clients came to the studio expecting the services of that one person. So, if they have an “associate” offering similar services, they might be deemed “not as good” as the owner. This issue of perceived quality is difficult to overcome if you expand.

Some photographers, on the other hand, end up going with a fictitious business name for their business. Some examples might be: Timeless Wedding Photography or 4OneOne Studios. These studio names do not imply any perceived value differences within the studio in regards to one person offering a better service over another. Therefore, they are easier to grow with associate services. However, they may have a harder time distinguishing themselves as a boutique service demanding higher prices.

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Of course, these are overall generalizations and many exceptions apply, but we wanted to mention this for you to consider as you select your business name. In our case, as Lin and Jirsa Photography continues to expand and take on additional photographers, we are continually faced with the challenge of convincing our clients that the associates are equally capable of delivering a comparable style and quality as the founders. If we could rewind and reset, we would likely have chosen a name unrelated to the names of the founders.

Other Business Name Considerations

Short & Memorable – Whatever route you go, make sure your business name is short and memorable. If your name is too long, it can simply get too confusing and be difficult to remember.

Timeless – If your name is “cool” or “hip” make sure that it will stand the test of time. For example, “YOLO Design Studio” might not apply in 20 years, nor will other names based on phrases or fads. Along these same lines, if you’re currently servicing a budget crowd but see your clientele changing as your prices increase, be sure your name appeals to both current and future clientele.

Versatile – Also, make sure your business name can evolve as your business evolves. For example, if you’re a wedding photographer with an interest in fashion photography, you may want to make sure your name can apply to all potential future endeavors so you don’t have to “start over.”

Photography Business Name Ideas

While there isn’t a template for naming your photography studio, consider the following ways of generating ideas for your photography name and domain:

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