QUIZ: Photographing the Details: Chapter Two Quiz


If you are short on time for photographing details, we recommend skipping the usual steps of walking the scene to analyze the best angles.


When the details are not ready, but you need to start shooting them, we recommend ______.


Before you begin photographing the details, we suggest that you ______.


If objects in a scene are out of place, such as chairs that are randomly scattered on the mandap for an Indian/Hindu wedding, or utensils are wildly placed on the table during a reception, you should ______.


When photographing details, you do not need to choose a “hero” to stand out as the main subject in the image.


Storytelling for photographing the details is like storytelling for photographing couples or families. Set the scene with wide angle shots, present the story with medium angle images, and then shoot tight to showcase the details.


When deciding what to conceal versus what to reveal within a scene, remember this formula: