QUIZ: Photographing the Ceremony: Chapter Three Quiz


Candids differ from traditional portraits because lighting, composition, and expressions are less important.


As a lead, when tracking subjects during the processional, you should:


During the bride’s entrance, it is usually the ______ shooter who captures the groom’s reaction to seeing his bride (from over the bride's shoulders).


Throughout the ceremony, lead shooters generally position themselves near the _______, though they are not strictly limited to shooting in that position.


Because they showcase the property, images of the wedding venue should not be shot with special lenses like a tilt-shift lens, which would distract the viewer and diminish the purpose of the image.


For special moments during the ceremony, such as the ring exchange, we recommend:


When capturing the couple’s first kiss, with the lead and second shooter standing together, the lead should either shoot wide (24-70mm) or tight (70-200mm) while the second shooter does the opposite of the lead.


During the recessional, the lead shooter will stand in front of the couple and track them as they exit. The second shooter should: