Part-Time, Full-Time, And Employed Partners

Photography Part-Time Or As A Side Gig

There is no shame in limiting photography to a part-time occupation. In fact, there are several benefits:

  • Carries less risk
  • Better fit for “photography passion”
  • Dual income can mean more money

The cons for making photography a part-time gig include the following:

  • More time required to launch
  • Eventual work/life balance
    • Working multiple jobs can increase the risk of burnout if one’s social life is not nurtured.
  • Time = limited scalability

Photography Full-Time As A Sole Proprietor

Of course, there are also pros and cons to making photography a full-time job as a sole proprietor. Some of the pros include the following:

  • Faster to launch
  • Quicker growth and development
  • More time for scaling and development
  • Better focus/balance

Here are some of the cons for going full-time:

  • Significant risks (income/insurance)
  • Lonely/depressing (getting stuck)
    • This can be minimized with a healthy peer network, perhaps one in which you meet up regularly with other photographers for lunch or other functions to limit the isolation of working alone.

Photography As A Partnership

Another option for making photography a career is a partnership with fellow photographers.

  • Double effort = quicker launch
  • Faster growth and development
  • Division of labor provides better focus

As is true with other business types, partnerships also carry cons:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Equity in work/income (greatest stress)
  • Less autonomy in decision making
    • This includes deciding when you want to go on vacation. Your business partner should be notified in advance to plan for covering all business tasks.

Photography As A Career With A Studio

One avenue towards working as a photographer involves working with a studio. Here are some pros for working in a studio setting:

  • Fastest artistic development (often paid)
  • No risk, good reward in salary/income
  • Learn the business, think differently
  • Career platform/business springboard

And of course there are cons:

  • Less upside potential





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