Panoramic Stitching

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Brenizer Method? This panoramic stitch follows the basic steps and principles of that method. You can check out our full tutorial, The Ultimate Panoramic Stitching Workshop, for even more details on panoramic stitching.

We recommend post-processing the images before synchronizing them if your computer is on the slower side. Otherwise, stitch the images together using raw files, and edit the fully stitched image afterward.

To balance out (or remove) vignetting, use the Profile Correction preset. This will create more lighting uniformity in the image. Next, check white balance and adjust temperature to your desired warmth, and then apply the Vivid Color preset. Check the tint before stitching the image.

Lightroom usually does a great job when stitching together images, but sometimes elements in the images don’t line up and Lightroom will be unable to complete the stitch. If it does work, after the images are stitched together, choose the projection, either Spherical, Cylindrical, or Perspective, and select “Merge.”

Keep in mind, the image may look choppy, and editing beyond this point make take a while because you will be working with a very large image. Moving forward, we recommend using tranformation to balance out the lines, and then adjust exposure and experiment with a radial burn to draw attention to the couple. Finally, adjust color settings using the HSL tab and check highlight and clipping before finalizing the image.