Pano-Stitch Using Lightroom

Pano-stitch images add a certain wow factor to images and create a surreal scenery with wide angles and shallow depth of field (more shallow than would be possible in a single image, really). Luckily, they’re also easy to create (so long as they were shot correctly).

In our example, we used three horizontally-shot images to create our pano-stitch of an elegantly decorated ballroom. Here’s how we did it:

  1. Select the images you wish to use for the pano-stitch
  2. Process one of the images to get the proper exposure and color
    1. Processing the images before merging them will decrease the amount of time it takes to edit for the final product because the files are smaller
  3. Synchronize settings across all of the images to be used in the pano-stitch
    1. Ctrl+Shift+S for Windows or Cmd+Shift+S for Mac
  4. Select all of the images you wish to use
    1. Hold Command+Enter for Macs or Control+Enter for Windows
  5. Right click over one of the images
    1. Select Photo Merge
    2. Select Panorama
    3. Select either Spherical, Cylindrical, or Perspective (whichever looks best; you can view previews by clicking on each option
    4. Select Merge
  6. After the photo is merged, select your chosen ratio and crop the image to taste
  7. Finish edit/modifications to taste


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