New Workshop! Lighting 3 | Advanced Off Camera Flash

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Wedding Workshop Two | Photographing the Groom

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Outdoor Groom & Groomsmen Photos – Valet Driveway In this scene we take our wedding party to the valet, a busy, bustling area for the SLS hotel. We asked for permission prior to shooting in this location since cars are…

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  1. Alex Buckland

    Can I ask why you take many of these shots at f1.4, wouldn’t you want to take the shot at a higher aperture to ensure more of the subjects are in focus? The rest of the shots indoors I can see the requirement to shoot at this aperture to ensure your subject is separated and the need for a wider aperture in lower light. For this shot I would imagine taking it at f3.5- f4. I understand they are all on the same focal plane however at 1.4 the focus drop off will will be quite large. Would love to hear your advice on this. Loving these tutorials so far!

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Wedding Workshop Two | Photographing the Groom