Outdoor Ceremony Daylight | No Modification

Our first case study involves an outdoor ceremony under harsh lighting conditions. The real trick here is getting the shots you need when no modifications are available.

Here are the steps and considerations for shooting on just such an occasion:

  1. Shoot in RAW format!!!!!
  2. Shoot from the shadows: Frame and compose
  3. Dial in exposure (maximize dynamic range)
  4. Verify with highlight alert
  5. Post: Soften highlights/lift shadows

When you’re shooting in broad daylight, you likely won’t be able to use the LCD screen on your camera to gauge your exposure and ensure you’re getting the maximum dynamic range possible on your camera, so we recommend enabling the highlight alert and checking your histogram; that way, you’ll know whether or not you’re retaining your highlights and shadows. Also, for a little more consistency, set your LCD brightness to a constant setting rather than leaving it on auto.