Our Three Favorite Lenses for Headshot Photography

While there are several lenses to choose from for shooting headshots, only a few lenses really work well for capturing great headshot images.

Our three favorite lenses for headshot photography:

  • 85mm: Best depth of field (true portrait)
  • 100mm: All around plus macro capabilities
  • 24-70mm at 70mm: Focus king (slight distortion)

The 85mm takes home the prize for best headshot photography lens because of its minimal distortion and the versatility it offers with wider apertures for more stylistic shots. The 100mm also offers minimal distortion, but it’s less versatile in terms of depth of field. The 24-70mm works well at 70mm, but there is still evidence of slight distortion, which is why we recommend standing a little farther back from the subject at this focal length.