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You are watching a free tutorial from Lighting 101.
To view the entire course, upgrade to Premium or purchase it in the SLR Lounge Store.

You are watching a free tutorial from Lighting 101.
To view the entire course, upgrade to Premium or purchase it in the SLR Lounge Store.

Light Shaping And Control

In Lighting 101, we showed you how to control your light with the use of flash modifiers. Now we’re going to show you all our favorite on-camera flash modifiers from the course!


1. Grid + Gels


Grids and gels are an easy and affordable way to get started with light shaping and color balance with your flash. Grids allow you to control and focus the light output of your flash, so the light doesn’t “spill” on other parts of your frame. Gels are a good way to get your flash to match the ambient light, or to get some neat creative effects!


2. Reflectors


In every workshop we’ve created, we have emphasized how important a reflector is. It’s an inexpensive, versatile tool that can make a world of difference in your photos. Whether you’re bouncing, scrimming, or using it to sit on, it’s going to make a significant difference in your photos. So if you haven’t already, go buy one!


3. Bounce/Mini Beauty


A bounce/mini beauty will give your tight portraits an editorial glamor look. Direct flash isn’t commonly used, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look good. When these modifiers are used correctly, it can turn an ordinary portrait into an extraordinary one.


4. Snoots


A snoot is a tool that can pin light your subject from your flash. It differs from the grid because it can focus the light into a smaller beam and you don’t lose as much light with this modifier.

5. Ring Flash


This is another modifier used to give tight portraits that beautiful soft fashion look. This modifier is unique because it surrounds the lens, providing even lighting for your subject.

6. Dome


The dome is the ultimate event photography modifier. It’s an ingenious little modifier that combines bounce and direct flash. That means it’s providing ambient overhead light while also filling in light on your subject’s faces.

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