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Our Favorite Full-Feature Flashes | Transcription Our three … Well, this is really my three favorite full feature flashes. Really, I only have kind of two favorites. I threw the Nikon in there just for, I don’t know, giggles. Listen,…

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  1. Matt Chesebrough

    Pye it was well worth your butt. LOL

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  2. YU KA WO

    Pye,  thank you for your turtorial of single flash technique. Very practical

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  3. Sergiu Gota

    Pye, this tutorial was well worth your butt x 1000 :))))

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  4. Charles Jr.

    Pye it was well worth your butt!!!

    | |
  5. Pavlina Trunecka

    Pye!It was well worth your butt! :D

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