Other Poses and Catching the Details | Transcription

While the foundation poses are the basis for most poses, there are still plenty of other poses out there, from more whimsical types of shots and poses to the more fashion and editorial types of shots and poses. While we encourage you to use the foundation poses as a framework, don’t get so stuck in the format that you don’t ever explore other types of poses and looks. One thing that I want to mention prior to continuing the shoot is to make sure that you never forget, when you are shooting a portrait session, you are still telling a story. You’re telling the story of the couple and the story of this day and well, the day of adventure. When your couple brings out props, get close up shots of the props. Get close-ups of each of the items. Take establishing shots. If they step into an ice cream shop, take shots of the name and location of the shop and shots from the outside. If they set up a picnic, capture the details of them sharing the wine and eating the crackers or whatever they have out there. If they ride a bike, get close ups of the feet and the hands and the pedals of the bike.

These types of details and establishing shots are going to help you create a more complete story, particularly when you go to create, basically, a type of album layout or a mural. Even without any props, there are still always aspects of their outfits to emphasize through capturing the details. Throughout this entire shoot, whenever I see these items, I’m going to be shooting them to make sure that I tell the story of this particular couple and outing.