Open Dancing Goals and Must-Haves

It’s time for the real partying to begin! During open dancing, your best bet is to get close and in the action. A 24-70mm zoom lens should serve you well in these situations so that you’re able to capture images at a variety of focal lengths from a fairly close-up position; otherwise, a wide-angle prime lens should also work well. Regardless, we want to emphasize again to shed the shyness and get on the dance floor. Doing so will help you meet one of the biggest goals of photographing open dancing, which is making the party look fun and full of people.

Adding motion and highlights will add even more “party” to each picture, but don’t overdo any particular effect, whether it be a dance floor twist effect, bounce flash, or other. You generally want just enough of each type to create a couple spreads in an album.

Lastly, be sure you don’t waste time taking 50 photos of a person that the bride and groom may or may not know, even if the “stranger” is attractive and fun to photograph. Capturing a few photos like this of different guests is fine, but you don’t want to invest too much time and effort here. Instead, know who the VIPs are and capture plenty of images of them having fun.out on the dance floor